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Lawn Bowling Finally Gets
TV Coverage in America!
On June 19, 2014, WEDU presenter Cathy Unruh interviewed Sarasota LBC's President Daniel Jittu, SLBC member Dr Jorg Hernler  and Sun City Center LBC's own Linda McDougall.
Their discussion covered a history of the game, an introduction to it and explanation of how to get started in the sport.  With lawn bowling being a professional sport in most of the other countries that play and televise it, it was good to see the sport finally getting some television coverage in North America.
The full program (that includes some footage of play on the Sarasota greens between their and some of our members) can be viewed here:
WEDU video
It is to be hoped that more media exposure to lawn bowling will be forthcoming in the future.

Southest Division Playdowns 2014


Sun City Center did very well in this year's Pairs Playdowns, held at our own cub from April 23rd to April 27th.

In the Pairs section, the winning teams for Ladies and Men both came from Sun City Center.

Winning the title with an unbroken record of 6 straight wins were Skip Chris Heller and Vice Cassie Krowl.

After a final playoff for the Men's title, the emerging winners were Skip Glenn Bauman and Vice Bob Ferguson.

Both teams are pictured below, left to right:

Cassie, Chris          Glenn, Bob


Two ladies and three men from SCC LBC entered the Singles event.

With a three-way tie on the last day of play, three ladies from Mt Dora LBC had to play off to determine a winner.  In the end, Marita Nierth triumphed to become the Ladies Singles title-holder with Barb Smith runner up/alternate.

After an outstanding 8-game winning streak, Bud Ricucci of Mt Dora LBC came out on top and won the Men's Singles title.  Our own Joe Mignogna played off against another SCC bowler, Jim Casper, to place as runner up/alternate.

Southest Division Open 2013

Sun City Center Successes


The South East Open Men's section, a major tournament in the National Lawn Bowling calendar was held at Sun City Center from the 2nd to the  7th  of March.


Teams and individuals from across American as well as from the UK and Canada competed.


Sun City Center men finished in 3rd and 5th place in the Triples, a very commendable achievement.


Third place went to Ron O'Sullivan, Garry Higgins and Gary Butineau and fifth place to Phil Griffin, Mike Perkins and Jim Byrne, pictured below.


The women's section was played in Clearwater and Sun City Center ladies fared well there, with Linda McDougall coming in as Runner Up in the Singles, Linda McDougall and Cindy Higgins placing third in the Pairs and in the Fours the team of Linda McDougall, Cindy Higgins, Barb Mignonga and Cassie Krowl finished in fourth place.


(Left to right) Jim Byrne, Phil Griffin, Mike Perkins

Men's Southest Division Open 2013

Unsung Heroes

You may have noticed a great deal of acitvity on the lawn bowling greens this past week.  From Saturday March 2nd through Thursday March 7th, the Men's Southeast Open tournament was played and lawn bowlers from across America - including Florida, New York, Chicago and Williamsburg - descended upon Sun City Center as well as (just for this tournament) from England and Canada.

I'm sure you get the picture - it was lawn bowling big time on Sun City Center's lawn bowling greens.

The players competed and won acclaim for their endeavors but it would not have been possible without the tremendous background support from a few unsung heroes.

Rather than eulogize about the lawn bowlers and their successes, let's say thanks to those without whose efforts the tournament could not have taken place.  It is always difficult to single out individuals without missing someone out, but here goes:

Tournament Director - Jack Phillips, assisted by his wife Beverley.

This is the fifth time Jack has run this tournament and for many years his wife, Beverley, organized and served the food.

Catering - Coffee and snacks on arrival each day, hot food, filled rolls, etc, with fruit and salad at lunchtime, cakes, tea and coffee during the afternoon and cold drinks all day long.  What a feast, served with a smile by two lovely ladies who have recently joined the club - Phyllis Kashella and Jackie Potts.  A comment I heard from one of the bowlers:  "I'm here for the food rather than the bowls!"  They were assisted by other club members and thanks to them, as well as those who baked goodies for everyone's enjoyment.

Tending the Greens - Every morning Bob Ferguson and his helpers worked on the greens from the crack of dawn.  They rolled the greens, put out jacks, mats and rakes, making sure everything was ready for the bowling to begin at 9 am.

Tournament Umpire - Marge Lange was there every day in temperatures that varied from very cold to comfortable, and always windy.  She was equipped with her measure, calipers, wedges and steady hand, ready when asked to determine who had shot - the nearest bowl - or whether the jack was the correct length.

So there you have it - Well done, Sun City Center Lawn Bowling Club for organizing and running a successful tournament in difficult weather conditions and thanks to all of those unsung heroes.

Pictured below (left to right)

Jack Phillips, Phyllis Kashella, Jackie Potts, Marge Lange, Bev Phillips

In the News - 2012 


PLAYDOWNS - Apr 16 to 21, 2012

Out of the many participants taking part in this week-long tournament to select entrants for the US Nationals which will take place in San Diego in October, Sun City Center's own Linda McDougall along with Lakeland member Christine Garbett (pictured below, left to right), came through to win the Ladies Pairs section.  Our congratulations to them both and very best wishes for their progress in October.


March 3 to 9, 2012

MEN'S (Sarasota)

Singles - Mar 3 & 4

A Flight - Joe Mignogna - 2nd

D Flight - Jim Byrne - 2nd

Pairs - Mar 5 & 6

B Flight - Mike Perkins & Phil Griffin

C Flight - Ron O'Sullivan & Tony Hawken - 1st

Fours - Mar 7 & 8

B Flight - Joe Mignogna, Jim Byrne, Tony Hawken & Phil Griffin - 1st

C Flight - Ray Turman along with 3 others from Clearwater and Sarasota - 1st


LADIES (Sun City Center)

Singles - Mar 3 & 4

C Flight - Linda McDougall - 2nd

Pairs - Mar 5 & 6

Flight C - Natalie Lanouette & Nancy Spencer - 2nd

Flight D - Patti Grabowski & Chris Heller - 2nd

Fours - Mar 7 & 8

Flight B - Christine Burbery, Marge Lange, Lorna Ruggiero, Barb Mignogna - 1st

Diann Thomas, Sandy Czachor, Kathy Gonnella & Shirley (Lakeland) - 2nd 


Congratulations to David and Gretchen Meixner who celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary on December 29th, surrounded by friends and family from across the USA - Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania and New Jersey - as well as from Russia, Austria and Sweden.  Their party was held in the Florida Room and was also attended by David's best friend for more than 65 years. 

They were married on January 18th, 1942.

Gretchen has been Sun City Center Lawn Bowling Club's instructor, giving free lessons for one week every month, for many of the 24 years that she and David have lived in the community.

Click here to see her lawn bowling videos.


In the News - 2011 


Sun City Center's

50th Anniversary Parade

Geri Shayman and her merry band of workers labored long and hard to put together a float for the parade that began Sun City Center's 50th Anniversary celebrations on May the 1st, 2011. 

Work started in the cool of Geri's garage (above) but had to move outdoors when headroom proved to be a problem (below).

The completed float featured three Champions:  Joe Mignona (Pebble Beach Singles), Linda McDougall (Sun City Center Club) and Chris Heller (Sun Coasters Singles) - below. 

A great job, folks!   

Left to right:  Joe, Linda, Chris, Gary Heller, Geri (above)


Congratulations Ladies!

Southeast Playdown Results


Linda McDougall will be representing the Southeast Division in Seattle on August 21st to 24th as their Singles Champion

at the National Championship Games.

Best of luck, Linda!


Sue Bellerose and Sandy Gill were Runners Up

in the Pairs and will be on stand-by for the

same games, in case the Winners have to step down.

Well done all three of you!


Lawn Bowling Coach – Someone Special

Most Clubs - tennis, football, hockey or lawn bowling - have someone who goes that extra mile, an unsung hero, or heroine, who is there giving their support for years and years, as the committees and Presidents come and go.


At Sun City Center Lawn Bowling Club, that person is Gretchen Meixner.



Gretchen has been running the monthly lawn bowling classes for the past eleven years and it is through her unselfish dedication that the membership has grown, and more and more people are taking up the sport - and having so much fun doing it!


Each month, with the help of some of the other dedicated club members, she teaches new lawn bowlers the art of Bowling, shows them how to grip the bowl, how to deliver it, the rules and etiquette of the game and above all imparts confidence, so that after a few days of instruction they feel confident to go out and play along side the other members of the Club.

In addition to that, she also organizes weekly casual lawn bowling evenings after which hots dogs and other fine foods are enjoyed.

Gretchen and her husband David have been members of the Sun City Center Lawn Bowling Club since 1993.


They moved to Sun City Center from Collegeville, Pennsylvania in 1988.

With her vast knowledge, you would be permitted to think that Gretchen had been Lawn Bowling all hr life and that she had experience before she arrived in Sun City Center.  That, however, is not the case.  In fact, she knew very little about the sport before she joined the Club and has gained her nowledge from 4 or 5 past members who were experienced lawn bowlers.

Her first competitive challenge was in the Southeast Open in 1994 when two bowlers from another club were one player short.  She was drafted into their team and although she had only taken up the sport a year earlier, they went on to win second place!


Both David and Gretchen have many other interests apart from lawn bowling.  Until recently, they were volunteers in the Emergency Squad with 17 years' service.  They were also members of the Sun City Center Security Squad for 15 years and Gretchen is a talented member of the Stained Glass Club.

So from everyone at the Club, a big Thank You to Gretchen and to everyone like her, in all walks of life, who give so much - without looking for acclaim or praise.



If anyone reading this feels that they would like to come and see what Lawn Bowling is about, please feel free to sign up for next month's course of lessons. You can sign up in the Clubhouse, phone Gretchen on 633 2909, or phone 642 2093.

David Burbery 21st February, 2011





Sun City Center Lawn Bowler

Gets Top Job

Sue Bellerose's term as President of Sun City Lawn Bowling club concluded this month after two successful years, and she has now moved on to be the President of the Southeast Division of the United States Lawn Bowling Association. 

 As President of Sun City Lawn Bowling Club, her leadership and initiative have been an important factor in the growing popularity for the sport in Sun City Center.

Membership of the Club had fallen from its peak a decade ago of just under 500, to an all-time low of 160 two years ago.

Recently the Membership has grown, and this year it is expected to exceed 200 with new Lawn Bowlers signing up for lessons every month.

Sue can take credit for promoting the Social side of the Club with evening Lawn Bowls followed by hot dogs and burgers or a meal at a local restaurant, plus a number of social events all of which add to the goodwill and fellowship within the Club.

 So what now Sue?

Always up for a challenge, Sue is about to take up the mantle of President of the United States Lawn Bowling Association, South East Division.

This is an honor, both for Sue and for the Sun City Center club.

So where did it start?

Sue, age 64, is married to Art.  They moved to Sun City Center from Apollo Beach in 2000; she and her husband are originally from Connecticut.

Sue had never played Lawn Bowls before she arrived here, in fact she had never even heard of the game.

She took lessons and soon became an accomplished Lawn Bowler, playing in Tournaments here in Florida and also, during the summer months, in Canada and Australia.

Her new position of USLBA President is critical for the promotion and organization of Lawn Bowling in America and in the South East Division.

Unlike other Countries such as Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, Lawn Bowling in this country is still a minority sport.

Many are advocating that Lawn Bowling should be included in the Olympic Games.  If that were to happen, it would surely become as popular a game here as it is elsewhere.

The Sun City Center Lawn Bowling Club wishes Sue well in her new position.  John Bailiff has been elected President of the Sun City Lawn Bowling Club for 2011.

David Burbery - 5th January 2011 


Linda McDougall

International Lawn Bowler

Linda McDougall has been representing the United States in their International Lawn Bowling Team for the past 16 years, playing in International matches all over the world, including Canada, Scotland, Australia, Ireland, and Malaysia.


In September of 2010, she won the US Open Pairs Tournament in Newport Harbor, California with her partner, Mary Ann Beath from Arizona.  She also represented the Southeast Division in October as the Singles player in the National Championships in Sun City, Arizona.   This was the first time she represented the Southeast Division, having previously represented the Northeast Division in 13 National Championships, both in Singles and in Pairs.


In recognition of her vast experience at the highest level and because of her knowledge of the game, Linda has been appointed to the position of Selector for the United States National Lawn Bowling Team.

Linda, 69, lives in Sun City Center with her husband John and mother, Violet Baxter, after moving from Stratford, Connecticut in 2005.  Born in Scotland, she has lived in America for the past 64 years and became an American citizen in 1953.


Apart from being  a member of the Sun City and Suncoasters Lawn Bowling Clubs, Linda is a keen golfer and a member of Caloosa Golf and Country Club.


David Burbery - 8th January, 2011

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